Things to consider when deciding to buy a Puppy

Puppies should never be bought on a whim.  Owning a dog is a long commitment of up to fifteen years.  It is something you should plan for, and not a decision to be made on the on the spur of the moment.

Do be prepared to wait for the right puppy - if you want a particular breed or sex, or from a particular mating, then be prepared to put your name on a waiting list.  Don't rush off and buy a puppy that you're not going to be happy with. 

Mark sure all members of your family or household want to have a dog.  Puppies and dogs will change your lifestyle and curtail your free time and days out.  Can you physically cope with high exercise levels?  And can you commit to that day in and day out for up to 15 years?

Even with the most careful management puppies will cause some degree of destruction in your house or garden.  Make sure you're a person who can laugh rather than cry when your prize plant gets dragged across the garden.

Research where you buy your puppy.  In an ideal world even a cross breed should come from health tested parents, but when you are buying a pedigree dog there is no excuse for breeders not to have carried out the appropriate health tests for their breed.  You can check on the Kennel Club website to find out what health tests are recommended for each breed, and then can ask the breeder to provide evidence these have been done. 

Make sure you can handle the personality traits and lifestyle requirements of the breed you are considering.  There are breeds to suit every lifestyle, and you must make sure your chosen one will match yours. 

Finally, be prepared for your chosen breeder to want to know all about your home, life, family and commitments before they agree to sell a puppy to you.  If you're not asked anything it's the sign of a bad breeder!  And please understand if the breeder doesn't think their breed will suit you - it's neither in your, the puppy's or the breeder's interest to sell a pup that will be returned within a few months! 

In STAND! I go through in more detail about choosing the right breed, sex and breeder so if you want to know more I suggest you pick up a copy.  
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STAND!  A Complete Guide to Showing your Dog from Companion to Champion
Trish Haill is also the author of STAND!  A Complete Guide to Showing your Dog from Companion to Champion.  Written to fill a gap in the market the book translates the Kennel Club's showing regulations into simple everyday language.  It's an excellent guide to newcomers who want to dip their toe into the world of dog showing and have fun with their dogs. 

You can buy STAND! at Amazon as a paperback or ebook.
Irish Setter cuddles with mum
Irish Setter racing across the fields
Snuggler Honey Pie over Smokeywater aka Bess!  - a much loved family pet!
Irish Setter at the sea
Smokeywater Irish Setters
Smokeywater Irish Setters

Smokeywater Irish Setter Puppies!

Smokeywater are pleased to announce that Snuggler Honey Pie over Smokeywater had a litter of eight beautiful pups on the 29th January 2017.

All puppies have now been sold.

Details about dam and sire can be found on the home page. 

If you are interested in one of our puppies please email in the first instance to

Irish Setter Puppies born on the 24th November 2015

4 Dogs 5 Bitches
We are also delighted to announce that Florence, aka Smokeywater Lady in Red (our keeper) has had a great start to her showing career, qualifying twice for Crufts 2017.

She has been placed in Puppy Groups at Open Shows twice this year, and achieved two other places at Championship shows.